Saturday, January 21, 2017

Caturday Edition: The Treat Face

So AJ has been working hard at her "please give me treats" face. I will walk in the house to see her on the stairs with her head cocked to the side. 

After the dogs are let outside, I get this: 

"Oh momma. I LUV you!!! And I'm super hungry for a treat. See they are right there". 

And the "oh I really LUV you. And I NEED treats now please!" Look. It's been working well for her. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Fitness Friday: 1/20/17

Well we may have sworn a new president in today but I'm still up to the same old. Running everywhere, trying to stay sane and keep it all together. 
This week included a trip to the eye doctor (who tells me my eyes are getting old and I need readers) , a stressful transfer to get a patient to Memphis and delayed planes. I'm headed to Vegas to present. But I'll get there anyway (hopefully) but it will be super late! 

On with the show: today I ran day 607. I felt good this week even though I was sore from bootcamp. 
First of all-I hit day 600 last Friday! The pups joined in on my mile. 
Sat: another mile. I thought it may have iced and I didn't have time to figure it out that it didn't. 

Sun: I got out and ran outside. It was misting but nice. 

Monday: bootcamp and a mile 

Tuesday: slept in and ran by myself 

Wednesday: bootcamp and a mile

Thursday: speedwork with a little tempo running. It was good to get out for awhile. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Today marks one month since my grandpa passed away. It's taken me this long to write this post. While he had health challenges the last couple years and specifically the last couple months, he was overall really healthy for a 92 year old man. 

Grandpa was awesome. He was genuine. He always wanted to know what I was doing and how work was going. He was always there when you needed help or direction. He was so funny! He was a great prankster and laughed just as hard when he got pranked. 

I'm going to miss him a lot. His smile, laugh and chatter. I'll never forget the last time I saw him. I went to visit a week before he died. He found out he could have a milkshake so I went to Sonic to get his favorite "strawberry shake". He must have kissed my grandma at least a dozen times while I was there. He was so sweet. 

I am so thankful I knew him for 42 years. I'm glad he's not in pain any more. And I know he's with God and all of his siblings probably playing golf, drinking beer and having a good laugh. 

Love you grandpa! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: A Clean Start

This may not look like much but it means a lot to me. When L was born, I needed organization in my life. I found a great blog called Fly Lady. She has lots of good techniques to keep your house clean and decluttered. The first step: a clean sink. 

It's a process. Fill the sink to the rim, add bleach. Let it sit an hour. Drain water. Rinse well. Use a SOS pad to get it to shine, rinse and dry. 

When you get done, it looks beautiful! And you make sure at the end of the day, the dishes are in the washer and the sink is rinsed and dried. It's a small achievement which leads me to want to plan and clean other areas of the house. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weekly Chase: week 3 of 2017 word of the year "plan" is going slowly.  I want it all done ASAP but it's taking time.  Last week, I made a goal (which I didn't post) to keep the house and dishes kept up all week and I did accomplish that.  But then I didn't blog.  I'm trying to catch back up.  This weekend we stayed in.  It rained all weekend.  They thought it would ice, but only the trees got a little ice.  I cleaned house and read A LOT.

Onto the weekly chase!

1. Run every day: yes!! I completed day 604 today!!
2. Stretch daily.  Foam roll and ice 5 times a week: um...did it some, but didn't keep track
3. Read 10 pages every day: yes!  I am almost done with "The Residence".  It's super good.  It's about the staff that works at the White House.
4. Take 2 minutes a day to meditate/pray: yes.  I prayed a lot.  It was a stressful week.
5. Log my calories and eat mindfully: most days. 

6. Clean my scrapbook room.  No.  I just didn't feel like cleaning that much.

7. Work on budget goals.  No

This week's goals:

This week's goals:

1. Run every day
2. Stretch daily.  Foam roll and ice 5 times a week
3. Read 10 pages every day
4. Take 2 minutes a day to meditate/pray
5. Log my calories and eat mindfully

6. Blog three times this week
7. Get packed.  I'm going to Vegas Friday/Saturday for a work thing. 

Gotcha Day

Sorry for the delay in this post. On Friday, January 13, it was AJ's first Gotcha Day! We were super busy that day so we didn't officially do much except tell AJ how much we love her!! 
Her first day with us:
She was so little!!

And now:
She had been a delight to have this year. She is so friendly, lovey and just a joy. I sure miss Reggie but she has been a wonderful addition to our family! 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Chase: Week 2 2017

This week went by quickly.  It always takes me a few days to catch up at work but I got it done.  I'm still not into figuring out a time to prep myself for each day so that will be a goal for this week.  This weekend I got a 6 mile long run in, cleaned the entire house and watched football.  It was so nice to wake up Sunday and not have to clean!

Onto the weekly chase!

1. Run every day: Yes!  595 days!

2. Stretch daily.  Foam roll and ice 5 times in the week: Stretched 6 days, foam rolled 5 days and iced 2 days.  It's hard to ice when it's so cold out!

3. Log my calories and eat mindfully: 50%.  I really need to get back on the wagon!

4. Read 10 pages every day:Yes.  And I finished a book.

5. Take 2 minutes a day to meditate/pray: No.  While I pray every day,  I can't say I dedicated time to do this.

This week's specific goals:

6. Take down Christmas stuff: Yes! 

7. Start working on my budget goals: No. I'll be keeping this as a goal this week.

This week's goals:

1. Run every day
2. Stretch daily.  Foam roll and ice 5 times a week
3. Read 10 pages every day
4. Take 2 minutes a day to meditate/pray
5. Log my calories and eat mindfully

6. Clean my scrapbook room.  My treadmill is in there and I realized today it turned into the dump everything in this room.  Gotta clear it out!

7. Work on budget goals