Wednesday, August 24, 2016

L's New Room

At the beginning of August, Jeff and I tackled the project of her bedroom and bathroom. Today, I'll recap the bedroom.

So it used to look like this:

She wanted teal, blue and purple. All bold and gorgeous colors

The finished product! We moved her bed and cleared out all the shelves and organized it all

I redid her whiteboard

Her vanity without the mirror. She loves it! (And I love it because her makeup stays out of the bathroom!)

I don't think her closet has ever been this clean!

Her desk area.

We got it done by the time she came back from Colorado. She was thrilled! And so were we!! I'm so glad to have accomplished this project!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekly Chase: Week 33

 Oh my Gosh!!  The last two weeks before school starts is almost as busy as when the school year finishes up!!  I promise I will make some progress soon on posting regularly.

This weekend was filled with errands, new dance shoes, and birthday parties!

On to the Weekly Chase! Here's a recap:

1. Run a mile a day:Yes!!  I finished Day 455!!

2. Stretch and ice daily: YES!

3. Say Grace:Yes! 

4. Read daily: most days.  
5. Log my calories daily: Yes

6. Finish a book: Yes. I finished 'The Girls'.  Good, but really creepy

7. Journal every day:80%

This Week's Goals:
1. Run a mile a day
2. Stretch and ice daily

3. Say Grace
4. Read  daily
5. Log my calories daily
6. Journal every day
7. Get my goals planned out

Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Snooper-vising

Jeff put together a new wardrobe for his part in the closet. AJ was all about making sure he did it correctly!!

Testing out the equipment to make sure it's safe...

And L joined in!!!


Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Chase: Week 32

This weekend was fun!  We finished L's room and bathroom and they look awesome.  Saturday, I didn't do much cleaning/productive wise.  We were supposed to run a 10K but it was pouring and lightening so we opted to go have breakfast.  I got home, turned on the Olympics and watched it for several hours.  I can't tell you the last time I sat and watched TV.  We went to watch Suicide Squad on Saturday afternoon.  It was really good!!  We went to a local Mexican place called District Tacqurito.  It was super yummy!

Sunday, after sleeping in (it was thunderstorming again), running a mile and eating breakfast, I got down to tackle the house.  The bathrooms are cleaned, the two weeks of laundry has been put away, and the floors are clean!! Jeff finished up L's bathroom today.  It looks so cool!

On to the Weekly Chase! Here's a recap:

1. Run a mile a day:Yes!!  I finished Day 441!!

2. Stretch and ice daily: 75% of the time

3. Say Grace:Yes! 

4. Read or meditate daily:Yes.  And I'm really a good book right now

5. Log my calories daily: Yes

6. Finish a book: I finished Mercy and am reading 'The Girls'

7. Journal every day:75%

8. Put L's room back together: Yes! The pictures haven't been put up but everything else is done!

9. Get everything put away from vacation: I'm about 90% there

This Week's Goals:
1. Run a mile a day
2. Stretch and ice daily

3. Say Grace
4. Read or meditate daily
5. Log my calories daily
6. Journal every day

My Extra goals:
Finish a book.
Clean up scrapbook room

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Room Mom (Caturday)

We got L's room done this week (that's another post). When we were rearranging and putting in furniture, AJ was the room mom, AKA snoopervisor. She LOVED the desk. She marked it, laid all over it and took a bath.
Thanks AJ


Friday, August 5, 2016

Fitness Friday: 8/5/16 Edition

What a week this has been.  It has been so hot.  I can't wait until we get morning temps to the 60's.

Friday: my last day at SF for a few weeks.  Mile running and Shocker Fitness

Saturday: what was supposed to be a long run, ended up being a long walk after the mile of running.  I wasn't feeling the best but that's ok

Sunday: I ran after I dropped L off at camp

Monday: I ran a 5K this morning.

Tuesday: a 5 mile long run at 5 am.  I felt good!

Wednesday: ended up being a recovery day.  I was pretty tired from Tuesday's long run

Thursday: another recovery run.  It was hot and humid.  Such cruddy conditions to run in

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Up Wednesday- Vacation!

So we went to Philly, DC and Baltimore this summer...all by car.  We took two days to drive to Philly to my parents house.  We got there on a Monday evening, had a nice supper and unpacked.

On Tuesday, we were ready to go to Hershey Park! The weather wasn't going to be awful and L was ready to ride the rides.

She's a Twizzler! That meant she could go on all of the rides.  She was so excited!

Jeff and I took turns riding rides with her.  He hates spinning rides and wood roller coasters.  I can't do upside down rides.  Even Grandpa Ed went on a couple rides with her!

On Wednesday, we headed to DC.  We got our hotel room and then headed to watch the Dodgers play the Nationals.  The park was nice but nothing fancy.  Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost.

On Thursday,  we took a trolley around DC.  We saw various monuments.  We  walked outside of the White House.  We went to the Air and Space museum which was very cool. 

We saw the Washing monument

And went up to the Lincoln monument.  This is my favorite monument.  L had a great time despite the heat (it was 90+ outside)

Later that night, we headed to Chinatown and had the best meal ever!! It was fantastic.  We walked around Chinatown for a little while after supper.

Friday, we headed to the Newseum via the subway.  We took the subway everywhere since it was two blocks from the hotel.  The Newseum was cool for the first hour.  L got to do several video type activities.  Then the power went out so we looked at the exhibits before leaving.

Selfie time in front of the Berlin wall

In the evening we watched the Baltimore Orioles play the Indians.  Nice stadium!

We finished the trip with a visit to King of Prussia mall, Pat's cheesesteaks, Trader Joe's and Five Below and berry picking.  We had a fantastic time but I was exhausted when we got home!! We were going all the time!