Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Stupid Strep

I didn’t feel good Sunday evening. Chills, congestion...even after ibuprofen.  So I called in sick-easier to reschedule patients. My boss called and wanted me to see my PCP to get tested for flu. So I called early Monday, got in and got swabbed for flu (OMGerd disgusting) and strep (for good measure-my tonsils were swollen). Negative for flu but POSITIVE for strep. 

She has known me for two decades so her first words were: no work tomorrow either. She knows I do better if she sets boundaries for me. I went home, cried (I Hate being sick), took a nap (my sleep has been awful for a couple days...another indication something was wrong). My nursemaid was right there with me:

I got started on antibiotics and rested. I did get permission to run my mile IF it was super slow and indoors on my treadmill. I obliged. I’d really like to make it to day 1000. 
Today-more rest (I didn’t take a photo of AJ...it looked similar to yesterday). Scully was off plotting how to piss the dogs off, I’m sure. I’m feeling better. Worn out but my throat is better. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Caturday 2/3/18

Life has been busy. Today was no exception. I ran 8 miles, cleaned the entire house and did laundry I am whooped. I’m making red beans and rice in the instapot so I have some time to post. 

Today started off with breakfast for the girls and then they did some backyard observations before they broke out into WWF. They play fight all the time. It’s quite funny! 

Scully was trying to see if I was doing anything cool. She decided no. 

This afternoon, Jeff was putting in a new gate for the stairs. The girls were right there to make sure he did it right. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Running Stuff and Salt on the Rocks

It’s a new year for running. I have a couple goals. One is to run faster.  I really want to PR in the 1/2 marathon. To do that, I need to lose some weight. I’m working on it-making my portions smaller. Not giving in to crap food. I’m a work in progress. 

I also want to run another full marathon. I don’t like the long runs for training but I had so much fun running in Dallas. And maybe I’ll be faster and the long runs won’t take as long. 

Recapping Salt on the Rocks. It’s a 1/2 marathon in Hutch in Sept. I was ready to PR it. But then race day came and it was so hot and humid. And I fell apart at mile 9. Like full fledge panic attack. I got it together around mile 11 and hobbled in. Worse half for me. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Caturday: 1/20/18

I didn’t take many photos of the girls this week. They’ve been good. I cleaned off L’s bench in her room, laid out a couple blankets and when I went back 20 minutes later, they were both sitting on the bench. It was pretty cute! 
AJ has been snuggly this week. She climbed up in my lap earlier this week. 
I’ve had a cold for the past three days and she took a nap with me (on my head) today. It was nice! 

Scully decided the paper was a good place to sit. Silly girl!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gotcha Day:AJ

Two years ago today, we brought AJ home. She was a little thing. Curious and scared at the same time. She’s grown into a beautiful girl! She was lonely and we brought Scully home. She wasn’t sure what to think of that... but soon grew to love her. She loves to play laser lights. Every. Night. She sprints upstairs so we can play. She loves to sit on L’s head while she’s sleeping and once in awhile, she comes to snuggle with me. 
We are so glad we Got her!! 

Monday, January 8, 2018

(Backup) Dallas Marathon: 12/10/17

Here’s my recap of the Dallas marathon! This was my fourth marathon. The weather started off chilly but nice and sunny! 

Vanessa was my Sherpa. She rode her bike during various points and rode besides me for the last 10 miles. 

The start line:

This wasn’t my fastest time, but my favorite. The course was so nice. Pretty flat, support was fantastic. Mentally I was the most prepared. I never once felt like I would melt down. 

The Highlands Park neighborhood was GORGEOUS!!

A real piano player! 

We ran around the White Rock Lake. Very pretty and lots of people out since it was so nice. 

Below: here I am at the finish. My last two miles were my fastest. I decided the pain was going to be there so I was definitely going to finish hard! 

The metal was so cool! 

This race is definitely on my list again!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Caturday: 1/06/18

The girls are always up to something. Last night, Scully must have spent 10 minutes covering up her poop. And I’m trying to go to sleep! 

I went to Costco recently and got my stuff in boxes. I think the box was on the floor all of one minute before they HAD to check it out! 

They played a lot and bounced in and out of the box but I couldn’t get them on video. Oh well-next time!